Friday, November 13, 2020

Dear My Brothers

Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for sharing your feeling,
your thinking,
your idea.
Thank you for calling me,
asking for my comments and suggestion.
It really means to me. 
I feel like I can do my job as your sister,
to be your friend that you can talk to.

I know that I wasn't a good sister for you
I was too selfish
I was too judgemental
I was too arrogant
to just listen to and understand you.
I am also in the progress to be the better of me
and I am sure you also see me growing,
to be a better person.

I mostly have a busy time,
if you know me, indeed I always try to be busy.
But for you, 
I always try to make time.
Because busy or not is a matter of priority.
Indeed, you are not my first priority,
(the same as I am not your first priority too).
But you can be sure that you are still one of my top priorities.
That's why I am here for you, 
ready to listen to you,
ready to support you
to be the better of yourself.

Sometimes I can't just hold myself to judge you,
can't help myself to give an unsolicited solution,
or just not giving you the right solution,
I am still trying to be a good listener.
Just tell me what I can do for you.
I'd be happy to do it for you

Your names never missed out from my prayers
I always ask The Almighty for your health,
your happiness,
your success,
and safety in this world and hereafter.

I believe in your strength,
I am sure of your good potential,
and I trust you to make a responsible decision for your life,
for your (future) family,
for our parents,
for people surrounding you,
and for Islam.
So, you must also trust yourself.
Always do the best you can.
Always be the better of you.
No other right comparison but the comparison to the past of you.
You now must be better than the past you.
That's your true achievement.

It might not be the best phase of your life,
But you gotta be stronger,
and wiser.
These difficulties are part of His test.
And you will pass this test with an outstanding result and more.
Just keep going.
Keep moving on.
Try whatever you can do.
Don't hesitate to take even a baby step.
Your gems are waiting as your rewards.

One thing that you have to always remember,
that Allah is always with you.
He will never abandon you whenever you come to Him.
He answers all your prayers if you do ask Him.
He knows the best for you and only gives you the best if you trust Him.
So, always include Him in all your matters.

And you must also remember that,
the family is bonded by blood,
and blood is thicker than water.
Although sometimes (or most of the time) we get annoyed with each other,
it can't be helped that we also like to taken-for-granted each other.
It because we are connected.
And deep down,
we love each other.

May Allah always protect you and bless you.
Good Luck!


Nomi, 12/11/2020

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