Monday, March 25, 2019

Got Fooled

I got fooled
What do you think about friend?
Is it correct to telling a lie to your friend?
I will say, if somebody telling a lie,
acting fake to hide things,
I will say, you are not her/his friend
They don't trust you

So, what are you gonna do?
Follow their GAME
Follow their drama
no need to be upset
You've been pissed off
Yes, true
But just follow their game
Don't chase them anymore
Don't force them to tell what they are hiding
Allah knows what they are doing

You must have learnt your lesson
First, don't nag for people's attention
Second, don't get hurt if the one you like doesn't choose you
Stop chasing somebody who even don't want you exist
Let her/him go
Third, don't get into else's matter,
If they're telling a lie to you, let them do that
follow their drama scenario as long as it won't effect your life
Let them do that,
They will learn their own lesson

Now, focus on yourself
Look at your own sin
Look at your own "disabilities"
Focus how to bettering yourself
Focus on curing your wound
Focus on cleaning yourself
Focus on beautify yourself
Focus on people who love you
trust you
Get rid the toxic people

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