Monday, October 2, 2017

About You

Hey, how are you doing?
Are you doing OK?
It's been away you walked away
Or it is me walked away
But anyway,
I hope you are OK

Do you still do the pray?
Are you still in God's way?
I know,
None of my business anyway 
I hope you are in the right way

Do you know,
I am always worried 
Worried about what you did
Worried about where you stand
Are you in safe way?
I know,
I needn't to worry 
None of my business 
But you're always in my mind 
You're always in my pray
I hope you're always safe

None of business 
There is no bunch of questions 
But do you know,
those bunch of questions 
is buzzing in my head
and echoing 
I just can't stop worrying 
Worrying what you're doing
But questioning,
maybe is bothering 

Loving you,
Missing you,
Thinking about you,
Are just out of my control 

But what I can do?
I can't touch you,
I can't reach you,
I can't take care of you,

I just can pray for you
Ask God to protect you
Wish all the best for you
That's all I can do

So, please take care of yourself 
Always stay close to God
May الله always blessing and protecting you
And the true happiness always be with you


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