Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Your destiny is awaiting

I wanna announce it
But what for? 
I wanna everybody in this world know
But what for? 
I wanna get..... 
Again...  What for? 
Everything happens with a reason
Or some
5W 1H may always following each step you take
Is it easy to get it? 
To know the main means? 
Well, train yourself 
Believe yourself 
Ask your heart 
Hear it
Alloh has told you
Through your deepest heart 
Don't you hear it? 
It's telling you
Try to get you
Don't you ignore it? 
Keep on eye your road ahead
See your future still waiting for you
To be strong is what you need the most now

Let Alloh drive you 
Ask Him to make it for you
Alloh own everybody's heart
Ask Him to make it for him
Well, nothing imposible
Keep moving forward 
And give benefits to others
Your destiny is awaiting 

6-411, 03-08-2016

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