Sunday, November 8, 2015

The First One

You are not the best one I ever found. I know your infirmity. However, you still make me retaining you instead of pick the better one. Of course I can find the better leaf than you. It's autumn. There are many leaves which are more beautiful and perfect than you. I don't get it either why I were always holding you during my journey.

Is it love? Come on... I have suffered (suffer? are u sure??) many kinds of love. Too easy for me to falling in love and suppose you are to be one of my beloved, by chance, amongst my others beloved. I am falling in love with you with your imperfection. Just because you are the first one I choose (or you might choose me?). That's all.

Happy Autumn ^____^
Semoga ada kabar gembira luar biasa di akhir tahun ini
Autumn's note 2015

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